Ozone Sanitize..

To reassure our customers about the healthiness of our B&B in the era of pandamia from Covid-19, in addition to the normal cleaning and cleansing procedures already usually adopted, we have introduced the aid of a professional machine for the production of ozone that we activate at every departure. Therefore, all our rooms are treated with this aid recognized by the Ministry of Health as an effective defense in the fight against VIRUS, BACTERIA and MOLD. Upon your arrival you will find in your room a card indicating the treatment carried out before your entry.

Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant and sanitizer that could also be harmful to humans if inhaled. Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, the ozone automatically transforms itself back into oxygen in a few hours. This is why we have decided to invest in our and your safety by purchasing a professional machine which, in addition to carrying out a complete cycle of ozone treatment, at the end of the same automatically triggers the catalyzing of the ozone produced into oxygen. Therefore, with this procedure, the rooms are immediately usable immediately after the treatment without this may involve risks for your and our health.

Your and our health above all else !!!