Other Services

The following is a list of the various services offered by Sky Sleeping and by our partners:


If arriving by car, you can easily leave your vehicle on the street. In our area, there aren’t any blue lines on the streets (indicating paid parking) and your car’s security is an absolute guarantee. However, being in an area full of shops, it’ll be easier to find a parking space during the closing hours. Conversely, during opening hours, it’ll be a more difficult task. Anyhow, if this is the case, if you want to ensure that your car is safe for the entire night, you’ll be able to make use of the agreement we have with a private garage in the area (100 metres). This garage, which is guarded h/24, has signed an agreement with the b&b, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in the area at a price of € 12.00 per 24 hours.

Car Hire

If you don’t have a car and you intend to hire one, you can contact the following car companies which operate from the city or airport:

Budget Autonoleggio – via Anwar Sadat n.100 – 90142 Palermo tel. 091/362538, 339/5654556, 340/1530435; fax 091/322538 – This company provides the service delivery car at home for Hotels, b&b and guesthouse

Sixt – Win Rent Palermo città, Viale Francia n. 3/a – tel: 091/6805276; fax: 091 6889462

Easy CarVia G. Giusti 2/a 90144 – Palermo- tel. 091.6751711; fax 091.7829634

Avis – Via F.sco Crispi n.113 90139 – Palermo – tel. 091.586940

Targarent Via Luigi Pirandello n. 6 90144 – Palermo – tel. 091.6269999

Bike Hire

Bike and tandem hire is a rather innovative service for the city of Palermo. If you’re a bit of an environmentalist and you like being constantly on the move, ask for information to Massimo or Giuseppe.

Internet wireless in your room

From your room you can request to access the internet by simply using the password “b&b Alice” we give you. The singal is gaurateed to work in every room.

Informative tourist material

Are always available at the entrance of the city tourist maps, brochures, booklets, guides and anything else you need to get to know the beauty of the city and move in search of other b&b in the rest of Sicily.

the entrance you can find tourist brochures of the city, maps, guides available and whatever else you need in order to discover the best this beautiful city has to offer and move in search of other b&b in the rest of Sicily.

Cleaning services and sheet change

The rooms will be cleaned daily and, except for particular requests, the sheets will be changed every second day.  


Breakfast is served from 7:30-10:30 am in the breakfast room. In the summer, or when it’s good weather, you can have your breakfast on the terrace.  Breakfast includes hot or cold milk, coffee, barley coffee, instant coffee, plain tea or tea infusions, cereal, snacks, biscuits, wafers, slices of crispy toast-like bread, different types of marmelaide, honey, nutella, juice and much more.

Bar Fridge

As in the best hotels or b&b, in your room, you will be able to use the Bar Fridge where you will find a vast selection of drinks.


Booking service

You can also ask for support staff for information about public transportation or reservations at other hotels in Sicily as hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast, b&b and other similar facilities.