Car Parking

If you arrive with your car or car rental, you will have a chance to double parking;

Option 1 ( FREE PARKING ) :

with a little luck, you will be able to park your car in the street, the Corso Finocchiaro Aprile, without spending money. Free parking is available in almost all the way in and all the adjacent streets, except at the end (near the court), where you will see the blue stripes on the ground, indicating the staging area for a fee. In the latter case you should try the pedestal for the automatic issue of the parking ticket. Bring coins.

Option 2 ( PRIVATE GARAGE ) :

if you don’t want to waste time in searching free parking and if , above all, you want your car to be kept H/24, you can park it in the garage that you will find about 30 meters before the main entrance of the b & b, exactly at the civic n . 156 of Corso Finocchiaro Aprile.

The garage has an agreement with B & B Sky Sleeping and the price for a whole day (24 hours) is € 12.00 if your car is a subcompact, € 15.00 if your car is a sedan . For long stays is certainly possible to achieve significant discounts, negotiating with the manager of the garage.

I remind you that on Sundays, public holidays and during the two weeks at the turn of August the garage makes a particular time, closing at 11:00 and reopen at 20:00.

Every night at 23:00 the garage closes its doors, but will be able to enter or exit the car, at any hour of the night, just ringing the doorbell and waking up to the caretaker.

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