Restaurants and pizzerias

For dinner and only for dinner, you’ll find one of the best pizzas in the city at the “Vecchio Cortile.” This restaurant is situated in Via Veneziano, just two minutes walk from Sky Sleeping. The secret of a good Pizza is in the natural yeast in the dough and in the meticulous way that the chef chooses his ingredients. In the finely furnished dining room, you can also try other types of Sicilian cuisine and, in the summer, there’s a small courtyard for an open-air dinner. It’s closed Tuesdays and the prices are reasonable for the quality of products and service. The restaurant is run by a nice couple, friendly and meticulous, that was my first guest in 2006 during the opening of Sky Sleeping b&b, guest houses today.

Another restaurant just 10 minutes from Sky Sleeping is “Ai Cascinari”. Located in Via D’Ossuna, this restaurant is characterised by its welcoming and unpretentious atmosphere and its variety of traditional dishes from Palermo. All this for a great price and excellent service that is difficult to find elsewhere. It’s closed on Mondays and in the evenings it’s only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If you wish to go a bit further, try “Lo Scudiero”. This restaurant is situated in Via Turati, next to the Politeama Theatre (just 15 minutes from our guesthouse). When you arrive, you are graciously welcomed and immediately served a glass of Prosecco and gorgonzola dip. Great price and great quality, an elegant place where many of our clients go to eat. The menu has been the same for years and has proven to be excellent each time. The fish is exquisite and always fresh and, you should try the tartar fillet. The mullet and fennel pasta is also extremely tasty. Great for a work or business lunch. The prices are above average but are worth it for the service. It’s closed on Sundays.

A “new entry” a few steps from the b & b Sky Sleeping and deserving of praise and compliments (I tested it personally) is the “Beccafico” fish restaurant. The name fits perfectly and if you go there you will understand why. The place is not too large, rustic and almost homemade, but definitely welcoming and with a familiar tone. The menu is based on fish only; but in reality it is improper to speak of menus since a real fixed menu does not exist. The owner graciously welcomes you by listing what is fresh in the kitchen. This way you don’t run the risk of ordering frozen products. You will be surprised by the freshness and variety of the appetizers. The prices are quite low and in any case honest, due to the freshness of the fish. The service is quite fast and on time. The restaurant is located in via Polara n. 22, almost at the corner with Via Pacini. The advice is to always book by calling 091 612 1412. Close on monday.