Excursions with driver

For the lazy or for those who do not want to try driving a car , we have a personalized tours to the following destinations and at the following prices :


destination Cefalu  € xxx.00 a / r (5 hours)

Destination –  Erice € xxx.00 a / r (6 hours)

San Vito lo Capo € xxx.00 a / r (5 hours)

Montepellegrino  +Chinese Mansion+ Villa Niscemi + € xxx,00 / r (3 hours)

destination Montepellegrino+Sanctuary Mondello  € xxx,00 / r (3 hours)

destination Monreale  € xxx.00 a / r (3 hours)

destination Monreale +Capuchin Catacombs € xxx a / r (4 hours)

destination Selinunte ( archaeological zone ) € xxx.00 (5 hours)

* Palermo in the evening (around the monuments from the outside) € 30.00 flexible hours from 21.00 to 23.00


  • N.B. prices are constantly changing due to the changed gasoline tariffs. Therefore it is always advisable to ask for targeted and updated quotes

The tours must be booked at least one day prior to departure.

For information ask Massimo 320.6133553