Paolo Borsellino – 22 years after

It seems only the past few years since that fateful day for Italian democracy; yet we are already at the 22 th anniversary of the violent death of Paolo Borsellino. Twenty-two years of continuous testimonies of solidarity and unconditional support to those who, with the only blemish of being left alive, and still fighting with renewed vigor against those gears synchronized memory, trying in every way to delete the meaning of a sacrifice capital for our community.

But we must not forget that and we want to pass on the message to young people’s civic and moral Paolo Borsellino, we continue to believe in the power of memory and the sacred ritual of remembrance. We, who have been betrayed by a significant portion of our institutions, we rebel against those who, with lucid indifference, they deny the more the principle of truth and transparency in public affairs. We continue to believe in the immortal message of Paolo Borsellino, and we continue to follow suit simply adunandoci and claiming our rights.

From Friday, July 18 to Sunday, July 20, in Palermo there will be a wide variety of events in memory of Paolo Borsellino, which will culminate on Saturday evening at 21:00 in Via D’Amelio, with the debate moderated by Marco Travaglio.

For the time schedule of events please refer to the link below: